In this article you will learn to how raise a support ticket using the Metrix-Digital support portal.

Instructions to Raise A Support Ticket

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Access the support portal

  • Please use your company email in the Requester* field

Step 2: Select "New Support Ticket' 

  • Please raise 'New Support Ticket' for unrelated issues. To avoid raising multiple tickets for the same problem Check Ticket Status tab using your support portal login. 

Step 3: Complete the empty fields

  • Explain the issues in a step by step format. Please include as much detail around the problem as possible for our technical team to investigate and resolve as quickly as possible.

Use the callout cards to highlight anything important about any of the steps mentioned above

If applicable add a video to help our support team understand the steps visually. You can use multiple free online tools such as loom.